About Us

Wisecraft Group has more than 30 years history, experienced in tools business.

Our company has already been the leader in this area, especially hole saw.

In recent 10 years, we also developed other major products, such as “wear resistant steel plate”, “saturated steam cleaning machine”, and “air pump machine” etc.


Wisecraft Group is located in the most dynamic economic area in China, Cixi city , Ningbo of Zhejiang, by Hangzhou Bay.
To Ningbo   60KM.
To Shanghai   130KM.
To Ningbo   60KM
To Shanghai  190KM


Basic Information:

Established : 1988
Business Type: OEM & ODM factory
Workshop: Tooling, Plastic, Hole saw, Screwdriver bit, Metal, Heat treatment, Packing, etc.

Employees: About 1000 people
Floor area: 200,000㎡
Production area: 130,000㎡


Tooling Centre


Screwdriver Bit


Hole Saw


Injection & Blowing


Heat Treatment

rth (1)

Testing Centre

rth (2)

Vision System

rth (3)

Torque Tester

rth (4)

Tension Tester

rth (5)

Spectro Tester

rth (6)

HV Tester

Main Markets
Our products can be found in Home Depot, Lowe’s, Canadian Tire, OBI, Bauhaus, B&Q, Leroy Merlin, Bunnings, and other major retailers around the world.
Also we have a kind and deep co-operation with Top 3 brand in this area.

Main Products:

We are Strong in Innovation and Promotion.
The product we designed for our customer:
won the Germany Product Design Award “IF”
won the Germany “Packaging Design” Award

rt (1)
rt (2)
rt (2)

about “IF”Award
Every year, Benz, BMW, IBM, LG, Samsung & Sony, etc famous firms will come together for “IF” award. It is called “OSCAR” award in design area.

rt (1)

about “Packaging Design” Award
The German Packaging Award is the most prestigious packaging performance competition in Europe. The competition organizer is the German Packaging Institute in Berlin.

1. Hole saw  : Different quality level with working purpose on cutting Metal, Stone, Wood.  Over 15 million pcs/year.

2. Hole saw accessories : outstanding design, mature production process, and strict QC for whole.
Over 7.5 million pcs/year.

3. Impact & Standard screwdriver bits: Over 150 million pcs/year.

4. PTA sets & Hand tool sets: Over 6 million sets/year.

htr (1)
htr (2)
htr (4)

Environment harmony:

Wisecraft take our responsibility to protect environment. Totally we put 1.5million $ to purchase professional devices: wasted water, flue gas, smog and acid fog treatment system.

For reducing electricity usage and coal consumption, we invested 1.5million $ to arrange a set of solar power, which covered 26,500cm2 and generated 2.5million KWH/year.

htr (5)

wasted water treatment system

htr (6)

flue gas, smog and acid fog treatment system


Solar Power System

Certification: ISO9001, BSCI