• TCT hole saw

    TCT hole saw

    Description: ● Cutting depth: 60mm (2-3/8”) ● Size : 19mm(3/4″) to 152mm(6″) ● Fit arbors with 5/8”-18” UNF Thread Application: ● Fast cut & long life ● 5 times faster and 10 times lifetime compared with bi-metal hole saw ● Large clearance of chips ● For cutting in Wood, MDF, Plastic, Soft Metal, Soft Tile, Soft Stone, Brick Packaging: ● Color Box ● Color card ● Hanger tag ● Blister ● Bulk ● Plastic box, e.g.: injection mold box, blow mold box
  • Bi-metal hole saw with arbor

    Bi-metal hole saw with arbor

    Description: ● Size: 9/16″(14mm) to 6″(152mm) ● Cutting depth:1-3/8″(35mm) to 1-9/16”(40mm) ● Bi-metal hole saws are constructed with hardened, heated and abrasion resisting high speed steel teeth with a tough alloy body and cap. ● 4/6 variable tooth pitch with unique tooth profile for unparalleled sharpness, excellent durability and long life. ● Complete assembly, not necessary for sperate arbor. ● 3 choices for teeth material: M2, M3, M42. ● Make sure pilot drill bit be ex...
  • Multiblade hole saw

    Multiblade hole saw

    Description: ● 65MN steel, hardened blades ● Cutting depth: 32mm, 40mm, 50mm ● Set: Item No. Description # of PCS Size content (MM) C0104003 5PC multiblade hole saw set 5 60-68-75-83-92 C0104012 1PC multiblade hole saw set 1 65 C0104011 3PC multiblade hole saw set 3 60-67-74 C0104005 5PC multiblade hole saw set 5 28-35-50-68-75 C0104021A 7PC multiblade hole saw set 7 26-32-38-45-51-57-64 C0104021B 7PC multiblade hole saw set 7 26-32-38-45-51-57-64 Application: ● Simple and ...
  • Step drill bits

    Step drill bits

    Description: ● High Speed Steel for proven capability and durability in drilling holes. ● Titanium Coating performs well in heat, corrosion and rust resistance. ● Two-flute design clears chips faster and allows particles to escape easily. ● Engraved numbers increases step visibility ● Save time because you don’t need to change drills for different-sized round holes in thin materials. Each drill acts as a pilot for the next size. Application: ● Ideal for drilling steel plate, stainless s...
  • Hole cutter (metal sheet punch)

    Hole cutter (metal sheet punch)

    Description: ● Cutting depth: 2mm ● Size:32mm, 35mm Application: ● Fast cut & long life, has great cutting ability of the trisection teeth ● Simple and exact cutting, easy installation ● For stainless sheet metal steel, mild sheet metal steel, sheet copper, sheet aluminum etc. Packaging: ● Color Box ● Color card ● Blister ● Bulk
  • Flat drill bits

    Flat drill bits

     Description: ● Surface finish: Sand blast ● Size: 6mm to 40mm ● Round shank or Hexagon shank Application: ● Use the high quality of the cutting tools made from high carbon steel. ● This product is specially designed head, two added two edge, edge positioning more accurate, more sharp, quick cutting. ● Made from drop forged and heat-treated alloy steel for extra-long life. Self-centering spade tip for easy, spot-on starts, and the bits evacuate the material as it cuts. ● Self-centering spade ...
  • SDS plus hammer drill bits

    SDS plus hammer drill bits

    Description ● Carbide tip ● Surface finish: Sand blast ● Size: 1/2“ to 7/16” Application ● Carbide-tipped bit heads are harder, tougher and more resistant and durable under heavy loads ● Optimized flute design to reduce bit stress and make the bit run cooler ● Optimized braze and hardening process for long life. ● Perfect for common applications such as relief holes for glass cutting, bathroom and shower installs, drilling and fastening mirrors, setting concrete screws in tile and many more ●...
  • Glass drill bits

    Glass drill bits

    Description: ● Carbide tip ● Surface finish: Zine coated ● Size : 3mm to 12mm Application: ● A high-quality carbide tip with a reinforced head to reduce stress, prevent bit cracking and the diamond ground cutting edges provide a longer life ● Perfect for common applications such as relief holes for glass cutting, bathroom and shower installs, drilling and fastening mirrors, setting concrete screws in tile and many more ● Provides smooth, accurate drill in glass, tile and ceramic Packaging: ● ...
  • HSS twist drill

    HSS twist drill

    Description: ● Material: 6542, 9341, 4341, 4321 ● Surface finish: Black oxide, Tin coated, Chrome plated ● Size : 1mm to 14mm Application: ● Made of High Speed Steel, reduce friction and over-heated for the best combination of strength, heat resistance and wear resist ● Self-centering function, accurate positioning ● Longer life, Low loss ● Used in mild metals, alloys, wood and plastic, great for indoor and outdoor work ● 135°or 118°Split point, increases cutting speed, clears chips and parti...
  • Diamond hole saw(electroplate)

    Diamond hole saw(electroplate)

    Description: ● Size: 9/16″(14mm) , 5/8″(16mm) , 3/4″(19mm) , 7/8″(22mm) , 1″(25mm) , 1-1/8″(29mm) , 1-1/4″(32mm) , 1-3/8″(35mm) , 1-1/2″(38mm) , 1-3/4″(44mm) , 2″(51mm) ,  2-1/8″(54mm) , 2-1/4″(57mm) , 2-1/2″(64mm) , 2-9/16″(65mm) , 2-11/16″(68mm) ,  2-3/4″(70mm) , 2-29/32″(74mm) , 3″(76mm) , 3-1/8″(79mm) , 3-1/4″(83mm) , 3-3/8″(86mm) , 3-1/2″(89mm) , 3-5/8...
  • Sheet metal hole saw

    Sheet metal hole saw

    Description: ● Size: 3/4″(19mm), 7/8″(22mm) , 1″(25mm) ,1-1/8″(29mm) ,1-1/4″(32mm) ,1-3/8″(35mm), 1-1/2″(38mm) ● Cutting Depth Max 1mm ● Teeth: M42 material with 6TPI ● Clean, fast cutting even in impact mode ● Depth stopper prevents breakthrough to protect the work surface ● Complete assembly, not necessary for sperate arbor and pilot drill. ● Easy Plug Removal for Ejection Spring Application: ● Thin-wall construction for fast, clean cutting in shee...
  • Quick change arbor (patented)

    Quick change arbor (patented)

    Description: ● One Abor fits on all hole saws 1-1/4 in. and larger. ● Snap lock mandrel system for a quick and easy change with no down time ● Steel construction for added durability ● Tool-free operation. Universal, quick change with all brands of hole saws. No adapters required. ● Shank Size 7/16 in. ● Set screw in the body for replacing Pilot Drills ● 2-Pin drive positive lock Includes 1/4″ HSS Fully Ground Pilot Drills Application: ● Tool-free operation. Universal, fits on every 5/8...
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